Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thaw: series LAUNCH! Yes!!!

Winter's Child is on Amazon
Well, here it is!

                    *Trumpets blare: Ta-rum!!!*

   The beginning of the launch for the Thaw: series!
 We're very excited about this series, not just because the first three books are kind of heart wringers, (which we've heard reports that they are,) but because of all the brand new vistas these books lead to!

 Anyway, so Winter's Child is live on Amazon Kindle books as we speak, and the others will be going up throughout the week. 

Winter Queen 

Prince of Demargen
 Winter Queen is scheduled to be out on the 7th, which is Wednesday (for all you people who are like me and hardly aware of what today is, let alone the 7th!)

 ... and Prince of Demargen is going to be out on the 20th. (Update:  Had to push it back, just too much to get out in time!!! Thanks!)

(We also intend to have these in print through Create Space, so we hope to have those out soon!)

  We are welcoming just about anyone who wants to join us in this launch, so if you have a blog, or want to put something on your social media, just contact me! As always, feel free to share the images, with links back! Thanks!

 And we'll be running a Rafflecopter giveaway stretching from the 5th to the 20th, so there will be lots of time to spread the word and get lots of entries in!
  There will be 6 winners, and they'll be drawn randomly by the widget, so we'll all be looking forward to that on the 20th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Kendra E. Ardnek said...

I'm so ready for some nice, wintery fairy tale retelling!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Glad to hear it, Kendra! :-) Do be warned, it can get downright chilly in these books!!! :-) Definitely best read next to a warm stove!

sparrowbean said...

I'm so excited for these books! :D I really enjoyed the Jeweler's Apprentice and I love fairytale retellings (and winter/snow).

E. KaIser Writes said...

Aww...!!! That makes my day to hear that, Sierra!!! Thanks so much for showing your support for this new series!
I've had so much fun plotting and writing them that I can't wait to start hearing back from readers! I'm hoping it will be just as much fun to read them!!!
And I'm super stoked that you liked Jeweler's Apprentice!!!
Thanks for chiming in!

Abi said...

Deborah sent me this way, and I'm so glad she did! The books sound very cute.

Sarah Pennington said...

Ooh. I love fairy tale retellings and I'm always excited to find new ones. :D Definitely glad Deborah told me about this.
(Side note: does anyone else think that the guy on the cover of Prince of Demargen looks a bit like Hans? Or do I just have Frozen way too much on the brain?)

Unknown said...

These look so charming!! Would love to read them :)

Deborah O'Carroll said...

They are heeeere! And so gorgeous! ^_^ I can't wait to read them. >:D

E. KaIser Writes said...

Sarah! Haha!!! Actuallly, my graphic designer thinks he looks like Errol Flynn, one of the most charming man to ever grace a screen. ;-) But, everyone has their own perspective!
The gold braid was a lot of fun to include... those style uniforms have a lot of snazziness to them! :-) Thanks for commenting!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Ashlee, Deborah! Thanks so much chiming in! We're thrilled with the response they've been having and couldn't be more excited that you ladies are excited!!!

Ruth G said...

I love fairy tale retelling so much!☺

Anonymous said...

These fairy tale retellings sound fantastic and unique! So excited to have discovered you through the blog hop! :)

Arielle Melody Bailey said...

I'm looking forward to reading these and discovering a new world. :)

E. KaIser Writes said...

Thanks so much girls! It's been absolutely fantastic to hear such a great response to these books and this idea, and I completely cannot wait to charge forward with you all into the rest of the series!!!
Thanks a million!
E. Kaiser Writes

Candice said...

These books sound amazing, I love fairytale retellings!