Thursday, July 12, 2018

So!!! Crunch time! With less than a full week to go til departure day, I've got a lot of sewing still to do! The costume line up is still a bit in flux, and as some of the staple outfits near completion the remaining time does affect decisions made on the less 'must have' ensembles.
   I think we've gone back and forth on several of these multiple times! That's a problem with having more fun ideas than you have days to wear them on at Realm Makers.

 However, one of the 'more simple' designs was definitely voted yes on, was a Belle outfit. I completed the bodice for it the other day
  I've worn it around a few times, to let it "wear in" to smoother shape... there may be a few tweaks needed still but it's good enough to be considered Done.

  Here's a shot of the side of the bodice.

So, all that remains is the skirt, since I whipped up the apron this afternoon. (No pic of that yet, sorry!), and got this pic. 
 In other news, Abi found her pieced quilt top, unearthed from some box where it had lain hidden for 2 years, since the move. She was pretty excited to see it again, so we hung it up in the window on top of the curtain, and the light shining through gives it a stained glass effect.

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