Friday, February 7, 2020

Welcome to an Iconic Year...?

Sci-Fi Movies Set In 2020 (& What They Got Right
Wow! 2019 flew by, and I can hardly believe it's 2020 already!!!
  The year that in so much past fiction has been treated as "science fiction Is Here!" and yet... it seems a lot like the past couple of decades, in real life.
 I guess there's a strange, anti-climatic feel to this year, because it's been so talked about in the past... So that it kind of feels like "Oh, nothing like that is likely!"
 ...and yet on the other hand, almost a hint of "well, what if something Big did happen...?"

   One can never rule that out, and it gives the year an almost eerie quality... perhaps having too much to live up to does that!

 On the other hand, 2020 has provided plenty of fodder for the meme-makers, and I've been laughing at the "2020 vision" memes, well as the "--20's, has historically had plague outbreaks"... somehow, that punchline just cracks me up every time!)
And then I hear there are even memes about WW3... all things that have been talked about so many times, the concepts sound almost worn to death... and yet.....

   One can never rule it out, either!!

  Anyway, could be an interesting year.

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